So it’s day 2 of blogging, except I have no idea who I’m blogging to since as yet, I’ve been embarrassed to let anyone know I’ve started this. It’s the end of the summer, and I honestly thought I’d have a fair draft of my new novel by now. Alas, all I have are a few scattered notes. I guess it was a mistake to think that I could be home with 2 small children all day every day and still write something. So I’m looking forward to September and the start of school.

The sad part is, I think my story is completely fed up with me. At first, the ideas were coming fast and furious, now I have to seek them out, coax them with offers of chocolate and the occasional glass of wine. So I’m reminded of something Salman Rushdie said… “Books, if you don’t put them first, tend to sulk. They retreat into a corner and refuse to work.”

Silly me for putting my family first. It’s the curse of the woman. Do men have these problems? I’m not certain, but I tend to think not.


7 thoughts on “Sulking

  1. Roland Jr says:

    Men put their families above everything else too, why do you think they spend countless hours working, sacrificing their own personal lives?

  2. yecarth says:

    My big brother makes a good point, though none of my male counterparts in the publishing industry seem to be having these problems balancing their writing lives with the care of their children.

  3. Winline says:

    Hey hey!

    I bet that writer’s block will fade away as soon as the kiddoes (or at least one of them) is in school and you have less distraction in the house.

    Keep at it!


  4. yecarth says:

    None of my male counterparts are men. But I retract my earlier comment. I don’t know any father, in publishing or otherwise who is struggling to balance family and career. My brother is talking about sacrificing his personal life. I’m talking about my career. I don’t even try to have a personal life. My family is my personal life. Two separate entities, brother dear.

    And yes, once these guys are back at school, I should be able to get back into the swing of things. I am so looking forward to September!

  5. Alicia says:

    “None of my male counterparts are men.”….An itty-bitty typo or is there some hidden meaning I’m not getting?

  6. yecarth says:

    Whoops! I meant that none of my male counterparts are “dads.” Although now that I think about it, one of them is a dad, but his wife is the one who stays at home with the kids.

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