From Beyond

Last night I had a dream about my paternal grandmother. She died over 5 years ago. I’ve never had a dream about my grandmother, at least not that I can recall. In it she knew about my daughter’s upcoming birthday, and had bought her a present from her favorite store. It wasn’t quite the right thing, so I was going to exchange it. And as I unwrapped the present, I realized that the wrapping paper was the manuscript for my latest novel.

I’d like to think that my grandma is trying to tell me that she’s aware of what’s going on in my life. She also seemed really calm and happy, so I’m going to take that as encouragement that things are on the right track.

It feels good to think that maybe someone is looking down with approval.


2 thoughts on “From Beyond

  1. c says:

    many people are looking on with interest, expectation and a degree of
    pre-cognition that something great WILL come forth again from your laptop. ps picture on your desk needs updating , people are missing.

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