I’ve been waiting months for what I knew was inevitable. The rejection. Even though I love my new manuscript, and worked on it for years, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to make it. And even expected, the rejection hurts. It’s like being sliced in two by a surgeon. The cut is precise, and doesn’t register at first, but the pain spreads slowly, intensifying as the blade sinks in. The good news is, the cut is clean. No, Simon & Schuster will not publish it. The bad news is, it’s still there. And the only thing for it is to keep on working. My agent will submit to other publishing houses, but as they say, the first cut is the deepest. Let’s see how many more months until the next piece of news.

I will resist the urge to lie under my blanket. I will finish my piece on Google. Maybe I will send them my resume. Today they might get 7001 instead of the usual 7000 resumes. What’s the chance that they are in need of a struggling children’s book writer?


One thought on “Ouch

  1. JDee says:

    YOU are an amazing writer. But you’re not as amazing a writer as you are a person. I am awed by your talent. Stay strong and positive.

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