In the Muck

Still stuck for forward momentum on my latest novel, I decided to go to an expert for help. One Ernie Hemmingway advises re-reading what you’ve written before moving on. Well thanks, Ernie, but that didn’t help. Today I took it one step further by reading first, and then writing out possibilities for what comes next in a notebook. Turns out I had a lot of ideas when I approached the project as “possibilities” rather than “certainties.” A notebook and my daughter’s pencil are rather freeing.

I think I put a bit of pressure on myself. (Some part of me is dying with laughter right now.) I KNOW I put a LOT of pressure on myself all the time. Who’da thunk that creativity doesn’t work well under pressure. I’m going to have to give myself a break and repeat: “You are writing on a computer, not in stone.”