Sudden Boost of Confidence

Like every other artist on the face of the earth, I have these peaks and valleys. I feel great about my work for about a minute. And then I feel like a complete failure and want to give up. Today is one of the peak days. Although I’m still avoiding work (and you can see a video of me procrastinating here), I’m suddenly feeling good about LOSING FAITH. I mean, it’s good work and I’m sure it’ll sell, even if it doesn’t happen right away.

Meanwhile, I’m still on the new story. My handy iGoogle page and Days Since counter tell me that I’ve been working on it for 22 days, though “working” is relative.

Also, I’ve joined the group YA for Obama. Tonight is the Biden/Palin debate and there will be live blogging from YA authors and fans. I plan on joining in.

So… who is watching the debate tonight and what are you expecting? Don’t be shy. Write out loud.