Debate Wrap-up

Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Following last night’s debate, the usual happened: Democrats thought Biden won and Republicans thought Palin won. What really matters though, are the opinions of people who are independent and undecided and even those who are unable to vote but still have a stake in all of this, i.e. foreigners. Our choice of President will after all, be leader of the free world. The choice will matter to everyone.

As I read through the blog posts, I noticed that people who were undecided felt that Biden did a better job of answering questions and that Palin seemed to be regurgitating a script. One poster from Australia didn’t understand how anyone could stand behind Palin, and thought that the U.S. really needed someone with good foreign policy since the last few years had been an “embarrassment.” Of course, I agree. But if you want a real wrap-up and actual numbers instead of my guessy-guessiness, you can read the CNN analysis here.

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