Gods Have Problems Too

The new story is driving me crazy. I’ve been dragging it along by it’s heels, when the characters should be pulling me along for the ride. I have no idea why everyone’s clammed up all of a sudden. I didn’t go out looking for a story about you guys. You came to me, remember? So spill the beans, already!

Since no one’s fessing up, I came up with a new strategy. This morning as I was getting breakfast ready and packing my daughter’s lunch, I tried to dissect the problem. In my first two novels, I wrote in the first person. In this one, I’m an omniscient narrator, speaking for each of the characters in turn. It’s wholly new for me, in that even the bad guy gets his own sympathetic perspective, making the whole thing more complicated.

What I realized while stirring steaming oatmeal is that as a god-like creator, I need to get into the heads of each of the characters, and that may involve taking some time to walk in their shoes. I think I’ve been trying to move too quickly, and that doesn’t give each of the characters time to settle in. So today, I’m going to be the aunt. Anita. I’m going to just write from her perspective and see where that takes me. She’s a mom of twin pre-schoolers, expecting her third, so that should be interesting enough. I might be exhausted by the end of the day between her, and caring for my own toddler, but we’ll see how this all pans out.

Stay tuned.