Two Steps Backward…

It’s a week away from Thanksgiving and I am not nearly done with my knitting projects. Worse still, I am mid-way through the third (or is it the fifth?) revision of my latest novel, and I’ve started thinking about taking an entirely new approach. So much for finishing by the end of November.

The novel is a take on a Haitian Cinderella tale. The main character, Corinne, is a 10 year old girl. She has dreadlocks and she kicks ass. She and her father’s new lady-friend come head to head before the woman even achieves stepmother status. But now I’m taking a step back and wondering if I want to set it squarely in the distant past, or if I want to attach modernity by having someone in present time tell the story.

This seems like an easy add-on, but it’s tricky. The whole tone of the novel would take on the personality of the narrator, and the narrative would need to be occasionally interrupted by interjections from the present tense narrator and audience. It’s a rewrite.

I figure I’ll head off in that direction for a while and see where it takes me. Maybe it’ll be worth it, maybe not. Either way, I have to follow where the ideas lead.


I’m making English Knit Snuggle Scarves for the kids’ teachers. It’s the very first thing I learned to knit, so it’s not tough, though there are a couple of tricky spots. The pattern first appeared in the New York Daily News decades ago and the woman who taught me to knit (hi Sarah!) got it from her mom, who had clipped it out of the paper. This year, I saw a very similar scarf at Anthropologie, and one of those that I’d finished, my brother-in-law nabbed to sell at his Brooklyn boutique. Bust out your #8’s and some worsted. The pattern’s here.

snuggle scarf

snuggle scarf

In the meantime, back to knitting.


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  1. yecarth says:

    Sorry doodles, the pattern link isn’t up yet. I’ll post it later, but first I must wash my giant afro. My little kid and I just got back from swimming, and if I don’t condition this mop soon, it will take on a life of its own…
    Check back around 2pm EST.

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