Mapping out a Novel

I re-read a lot of the new novel this morning and found my directions all mixed-up. So I decided to draw a map of Corinne’s island so that I have a visual reference while I’m writing. I planned on scanning in the map and posting it, but my scanner seems to be having a tantrum from being overlooked for months. I had to use my camera instead, so it’s not a good image, but you get the idea.

Map of island

Map of island

The hills near the church are where the brothers live. You may also notice some mermaid-looking things on the Southern tip. I’m not sure I’m using them yet. So for now they’re just hanging out.

I also haven’t decided how Corinne is supposed to see the cliff from her house. It is the highest point on the island (the cliff, I mean) but still. I may need to change the slope of the Southwest coast and move Corinne’s house deeper into the forest line.

I really needed to go back and read the original folk tale that inspired me, but it seems that my copy of “Best Loved Children’s Stories from Around the World” has gone missing. A bit like Grace. I’m completely pissed about it. The last time I remember seeing it, was when I was packing up for a presentation a few months ago. I don’t think I would have lost it then, but I’ve been looking for it for more than a week now to no avail.

What this really means is that I have to clean. So now I’m really pissed.