Thanks and Giving

It’s a long weekend, and an opportunity to just relax with my family. To ensure the maximum amount of relaxation, I decided to have Thanksgiving dinner catered so that I wouldn’t have to sstress out about it. I’m considering taking the kids to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade since we’ve never done it, and this year, one of our friends (and my son’s godmother) will be in the parade.

I’m also trying to finish up the Christmas knitting. One present is turning out to be a bit tougher than expected. Of course it’s the smallest one. I decided to make a knitted tree ornament for my daughter’s assistant teacher. Then I got the brilliant idea to add short rows to give the tree more shape. Do I have any experience with this? I do not. So I’m going to spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out this little project that should really only take about 1/2 hour. When I do figure out the pattern, I will post it up. Hopefully it will get done sometime this weekend. If not, there’s always this one.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

Try to rest up between turkey-gorging.