Bad Scarf

I hope you all had a terrific thanksgiving. Ours was pretty low-key. We’d meant it to be that way, but it became especially so because my son had a stomach virus and spent Tuesday-Saturday throwing up. As a result, I did no writing, and the little knitting I did was just to relieve some nervous tension and to take a break from doing laundry that’s he’d thrown up on.

Somewhere along the way I got the brilliant idea to make a knitted collar. I envisioned something Victorian-inspired and even had some pearl beads lined up to embellish with, but true to form, I started knitting with no real plan, no measurements, no guage check, and ended up with this.






When I really wanted to end up with this.





My husband said the result reminded him of the contraption Will Smith and Kevin Kline wore in a crappy movie.

Kline and Smith in Wild Wild West

Kline and Smith in "Wild Wild West"

I’m not surprised at the result. It’s the same process I use for writing. I go along at breakneck speed to the end, and then look back and see what’s going on. Often, I need to re-start from scratch. I realize that while this works for writing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so cut and dry for knitting. There’s no tape measure for novels. Duh!

But it did keep my son’s illness off my mind for the couple of hours I was doing it, while he and his sister were quietly watching a movie.

Mission accomplished. Sort of.