Ocho Hat

My friend Amy is obsessed with the number 8. Her obsession has rubbed off on me somewhat as I find myself doing nearly everything in eights automatically. 2008 was her year. The whole 8/8/08 thing was not lost on her. She’d even consider marrying Michael Phelps if he was a b’ball player and his jersey was the number 8 and if he was a smidge older. He’d be an idiot to refuse. Amy is the greatest. Anyway, I finally figured out what to do with my soy and fuzzy purple yarns. With Amy and the entire Chinese culture telling me that 8 is great, who am I to argue? I present to you, the Ocho hat.
Ocho hat front

Ocho hat front

The soy yarn was lovely, and felt much like a Manos silk blend I recently used. The addition of Dream in the main part of the hat made it super soft, dense, and really toasty. Since making it, I wear it every time I head out into the wilds of New Jersey.

As always: This pattern is owned by me. It’s available for your own personal use and is not to be sold. If you want to share the pattern, please direct people to this page. Thanks.

Materials: Pattons SWS in natural raisin and Moda Dea Dream in blush. 1 skein of each; size 8 16″ needle, size 9 16″ needle.


With soy yarn and smaller needles, cast on 80 stitches and join to work in the round.

Rows 1-16: [k3, p2] across.

Rows 17-40: change to larger needle and pick up a strand of fuzzy yarn. With both yarns held together, [k8, p2] across. Knit with both yarns held together for the remainder of the hat.

Row 41: [k8, p2 tog] across.

side view

side view

Row 42: [k8, p1] across.

Row 43: [k7, p2 tog] across.

Row 44: [k7, p1] across.

Row 45: [k2 tog] across.

Row 46: knit

Row 47: [k2 tog] across.

Row 48: knit.

Draw yarn through stitches twice. Pull tight and weave in.

wear it with a little accessory

wear it with a little accessory

 I like it because it fits over my giant noggin and massive amounts of hair, even when it’s in a ponytail. The brim is long enough to fold back if you like, or wear it half-up/half-down, pinned with a small brooch.

Let me know how yours turns out, ‘k?

Pattern and images © 2009, Tracey Baptiste.


2 thoughts on “Ocho Hat

  1. Gypsy says:

    This is a MUST HAVE hat for me!
    Every January my Mother and I look at the year and find the “special” number combinations.
    She has lived with me off & on for the last 17 yrs, the last 5 yrs solid.
    At the end of Jan ’08 – just after she came home from breaking her hip, we were laughing and talking about the special date thing.
    She loved the 08-08-08 and said we must do
    something really special that day.
    I agreed.
    She was 79. She died on 08-08-08.
    Now I have found a hat that will honor her memory, it will be MY little way of having her near me, that I do not have to explain.
    Now to find the right yarn, must be a sharp electric blue……. or the brightest of bright red.
    Will take a pic and send it to you, and tell Amy thanks!
    I am planning something a bit different
    for 09-09-09. I live off “3” numbers – divided by this time…..3 times in fact. 🙂
    Bless you, for making me smile this morning.
    I needed that more than you can know!

  2. yecarth says:

    Hello Gypsy!
    I am so happy that this hat is meaningful for you and has such a special connection for you and your mother. What a great way to remember her. Your story really touches me. I feel honored to have even a tiny part in what you and your mom shared. Amy too will be so happy that her inspiration is so far-reaching.
    Yes, please let me know how the hat turns out.
    All the best to you!

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