My son complains of monsters in his closet every night. To that end, I knitted him his own monster to help ward off the closet ones. It was my gift to him for Christmas. I didn’t tell him that I made it, but on Christmas night when my husband put him to sleep, he asked, “Did Mommy yarn this for me?” Mommy did. What’s funny about that is when my daughter was younger, she called it yarning too. She learned the correct verb before he was born, so he must’ve made that one up on his own. It cracks me up.

Anyway… the impetus for all this discussion, the monster, is here. It was my first attempt at making a knitted toy of my own design and the result was… well, you can see for yourself.

Don't laugh. Seriously.

Don't laugh. Seriously.


Hey! It was my first time!

Despite its obvious flaws, Monster has been well accepted, clearly due to the fact that I yarned it than for its aesthetic properties… however, I will make another attempt at a knitted toy. He’s got a birthday coming up, and he seems to like ninjas. …