New Cover

Last night I was getting ready for my school visit and went to Amazon to get the links to my books and I saw the cover for my L’Engle biography! I was so excited!

Madeleine L'engle (Who Wrote That?)

I wrote the book two years ago and it was supposed to be released last year, but three editors later, the release date had been pushed back to 2009. I did final edits on the galleys a few weeks ago, so I really didn’t expect they’d have the cover so soon, especially since the L’Engle bio is supposed to be #3 on my list of books to be released this year.

It’s a library binding, and those covers typically don’t rival the design of trade book jackets, but I’m happy to see it. And if you look in the lower right-hand corner beneath L’Engle’s sweater, there’s my name.

Did I do that? Sho ‘nuf.


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