It must be love

So my brother came over last night. When I got in I knew he was there due to the fabulous scarf draped over my stair railing. That architect scarf really is beautiful. Monday was his birthday and I did cast on the hat he wanted in the same colors as the architect scarf (minus the blue because I ran out of it), only to find that I needed smaller needles. Alrighty. So I put it aside. While inquiring about the progress of his hat, he metioned that he also wanted a peaked brim. Huh? “I’ve never done that before!” I whimpered. “Ok, ok, forget it.” He seemed disappointed, and even though he let me off the hook, he is my brother after all, so I’m going to try to figure it out. Except I have to do it soon because he wants his hat like yesterday.

Jeevis. Siblings are so… siblingy.

Anyhow, after looking around, I think I’ve found a brim that I might be able to use. Except it doesn’t really go with the pattern I did for my husband’s hat, so I’m going to change the pattern to a simple all over 2×2 rib. I may be able to do this sucker after all. Now I just need the right needles and I need to pick up another skein of the Lion Brand cotton in blue.

Did I say Jeevis?