Books and pastry

This is the first thing I’m writing today. If I’m calling myself a professional, that’s not a good thing, but I’m also a mother, with all the stuff that comes with it:

My son has a cold. This morning I sent my daughter to school in non-uniform gym pants because I haven’t done the laundry in a while (and I had to alter the pants because they were too big. Yes, I altered them this morning). There was no food in the house, so groceries needed to be purchased. I needed to get a receipt out to the Salvation Army for things I donated yesterday. Then a trip to the Post Office to check on the state of my missing Grace doll. The car needed to be washed and vacuumed because it was a HOT MESS, and the bathroom and kitchen needed to be cleaned for the same reasons as the car.

Because I cleaned the house with my son watching at a distance of 0.001mm (he likes to be right up against me when he’s sick, or anytime, really) and then dragged him around town on my many errands, I asked him if he wanted a snack on the way home. He demanded to be compensated for his patience with pastries and a Thomas book. Yep folks, that’s my kid. He’ll be 3 in a few of months.

Back at home, the laundry stared me in the face and the reminder of niggling author chores like revisions to my novel, and the research I haven’t started for the Stephenie Meyer biography. I was feeling stressed until I followed my toddler’s lead and relaxed for a few minutes with a book and some pastry.

All the stuff I need to do is still waiting, but at least there was a moment today when I did the very thing I got into this business for: enjoying books.