I’m Down with O.P.

512bwq2bdjtyl_sl500_aa240_11This morning, the cover of Overcoming Prejudice was up on Amazon.com.

It’s always great to see the fruits of your labor show up someplace, especially in this business when everything moves at glacial speed.

There are still a few things I’d change about this particular book, and I may write an addendum and put it on my site, or on this blog, but I’ll wait until the book is actually ready for sale. More on my gripes with the content later.

Seeing another cover reminds me that I have to get cracking on the next book. I was hoping to get a lot of work done today, but the kids have a snow day, which means
a) I will not have a moment to myself
b) I have to shovel snow and clean off the car
c) I am going to be too exhausted to get anything done

Maybe I let people slip in my snowy walkway and work while the kids watch a movie. Sure. Why not?