Git ‘er done

A few people have commented on my ability to get work done fairly quickly. Being greatly inclined toward laziness, I actually wonder how I manage this myself. Let’s see…

I have 2 small children.

One of them is potty training and energetic and TWO years old. The other is creative and independent AND an overachiever.

The potty training one is only in school a couple of days a week, which means that some days I have to work while he’s, um, helping.

I have no maid or cook or chauffeur or landscaper or child tidy-upper.

My husband works long hours and often travels to other offices around the country for days at a time.

Sometimes I do school visits.

In the last two years, I have managed to write four non-fiction books, and complete three works of fiction: two novels and one picture book. Though none of the fiction has sold, they are complete and in saleable condition according to my agent.

I also freelance for various educational publishers, writing or editing Teacher and Student Edition Reading texts.

I am currently writing a new non-fiction book and revising (drastically) a work of fiction.

I have another novel sitting in a holding pattern in my head.

I occasionally keep up with this blog.

I knit for charity and for my very knit-demanding family.

When I lay it all out like that, I’m not sure how I’m getting things done either. And this is funny but true: I never think I’m doing enough. The only thing I can offer as a possible working method is that I don’t think about what I have to do, I just launch right in and get started every morning. Though considering the output, I should be dead of exhaustion.

Oh! That’s why no one calls!

For the next few weeks, I’ve divvied up my days thusly: Meyer bio in the morning, my own fiction in the afternoon. That gives me a longer time to work on the bio than my own stuff, since both the kids are home by 3:30pm, and then they have various after school activities: violin, and swimming and such. I do sometimes work at night, though rarely. Sleep is essential, as you know. Still, the bio deadline is April 1 for the outline and June 1 for the final manuscript. And I’m actually hoping to have my own novel finished in April as well. I do have that new novel, and it’s not going to wait around forever, so I need to crank out the existing one now.

Worried about quality? Oh, it’s ALL quality, baby.