A good antagonist

Since beginning the Meyer project in earnest, I’ve averaged 1000 words per day in the morning on the biography, and edited and wrote in the afternoon for about two hours with no particular per-day page rate. Today, I didn’t get much done. Just an abysmal 147 words on the biography and nothing this afternoon. I guess you can’t be on a roll every day.

However, I’ve been really pleased with the direction that my novel is taking under Harold’s guidance. I certainly would not have gotten to this point on my own. He has me reading Patricia Wrightson for inspiration. Her A Little Fear, winner of the Hans Christian Andersen award when it was first released in the late eighties has made me really think about the antagonist’s side of things. Wrightson gave her hero’s nemesis a voice, motives, and even a little sympathy, but still managed to make the hero the central focus, mainly by keeping more of the story about her, but also by writing her stronger, and making the reader feel that they too would battle her enemy.

It’s really fantastic writing, stuff that I’m still aspiring to.