Ouch. That hurt. I think.

Yesterday, plodding on with the Meyer bio and feeling overwhelmed with the vast amount of websites and information on each website that I was faced with, I decided to contact some of the Twilight-themed web owners to request interviews. I’m trying to get a sense of how those businesses work. Anyway, the first response, from Twilight Lexicon, billed as the #1 Twilight fan site, was that they have “a long standing policy of only commenting on official books put out by Stephenie’s publisher Little Brown.”

I don’t know why, but it actually hurt me.

I can understand that Little, Brown has had to work hard to protect Meyer and her interests, but somehow, not being able to get an interview from a fan site made me feel, well, lowly. And while this is business, the added fact that I’ve been having no success in the publishing world makes it all feel very personal.

Once again, I have to ask myself: Is it time to give up?