Zen and the art of writing

If you’ve been reading my recent blog posts, I don’t have to tell you I’ve been depressed. I’m just not sure how much of it had to do with my frustrations at being rejected while working so hard and for so long, or my looming March birthday (it was Saturday). After expressing my frustration, friends went to great lengths to cheer me up, one even found a blog post for me, about the ten rules for being a happy writer, which also reveals that so many writers just aren’t a happy lot. It was so handy, that I printed it out. Also, after trying to help my husband find me a birthday present (we both gave up eventually), I found out all kinds of lovely things about the mystical properties of Aquamarines, my birthstone.

Bonus good vibes!

In light of all this, I’m trying to appreciate where I am, which is a pretty good place. A published novel, 4 finished non-fiction books, a novel being shopped by my agent, another on the computer screen and another non-fiction in the works. Not too shabby.

Plus with aquamarines as my birthstone, I can enjoy all its healing and soothing properties and let it heal me spiritually and psychologically, or help me to quiet my mind so that I can meditate. Apparantly if I have any issues with my stomach, liver, jaws, oral cavity and eyes, I can rely on my birthstone as well. Who knew the aquamarine was such a handy little sucker?

In the last few days, the heavens seemed to have aligned to put me in a good mood. Now I’m doing fine, and you can too. Just read Nathan’s blog and get yourself an aquamarine. Can you feel the healing? Mmmm. Now say it with me.