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I have a little problem in my office. My office is right next to my bedroom. Actually, it’s kind of in my bedroom. It was once my closet/dressing room, and it spent a very brief time as my son’s nursery. As a dressing room it was terrific. As a nursery it was super cute and convenient. But as an office, it’s sucking more and more every day.

First of all, my kids have way too much access to me. And they bring their snacks and all their stuff in here. How am I supposed to work with them/all their stuff in and around me constantly? Second of all, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in here that doesn’t belong to me, but has no other home, so here it stays. Third, well, I’ll get to that later…

Some writers are ok being in the thick of things in the house. Some need to lock themselves in a hotel room for weeks to get their job done. Most are probably working from home in a bustling house with many other people, animals, etc. around, not to mention the myriad characters prancing about. It’s hard to carve out a private space. An aspiring writer I met a few years ago had lucked himself into a cushy family home. It had a beautiful sunroom where he decided he’d put his office. I looked askance at him. “A room full of windows? How are you going to get anything done? You’re going to be constantly distracted. You need to put your desk someplace else,” I suggested. Who knows if he took my advice. I’ve only had one measly novel published, so maybe not. Though I hope he did. He has three kids. That’s distraction enough.

I used to write on the bus. With everything rolling by, it’s hard to focus on only one thing, and the moving images kind of blur and lend themselves to daydreams.

So if you’re looking for a place to write, here are my suggestions.
1) A winnebago. Unless you’re prone to motion sickness. Don’t forget a driver.
2) A room with no windows but plenty of light. Like a cardboard box with a bare lightbulb. That’s hardcore. Bet the kids won’t bother you in there. Cut a hole for the laptop plug.
3) The kitchen. Advantage: proximity to snacks. Disadvantage: may catch butt-reflection in brushed steel oven.
4) The basement. It’s dark, it’s dank, and you can get the laundry done while you’re down there. If you have a wine cellar, you’re set, Hemingway!

So good luck with your writing space. I’m sticking with mine for now because it’s the most convenient at the moment. I’ll look into getting a lock on the door, just as soon as I get the door fixed, because the kids were swinging on it and broke it off the hinge.
Yeah. That’s the third thing.


2 thoughts on “Room to write

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I once worked in the dank, dark basement and hated it because of the spiders. I could imagine them crawling up and down my back and in my hair. I also worked in a sunny living room, facing the back yard and that worked great for me. I could rest my eyes on the greenery outside when I needed to, but it wasn’t that distracting. My kids were in school then. Now, I don’t have many distractions, and the kids are grown up, and I think I would work better with them as background noise. So, no matter where or when you work there will be something that will try to keep you from writing. I guess there is no perfect place to write except where you are. That’s my wise comment for the day. Ha.

  2. yecarth says:

    Ack! Spiders! Good thing you’re outta there. Though, I could see you writing a story about an unwitting woman doing the laundry, and held hostage by a malevolent band of spiders, led by a plotting queen bent on taking over the world.

    You should totally get on that.

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