-First of all, I rock.
-Second of all, I’m not lazy and I need to stop making jokes about that, because I work damn hard and this Lent I swore I wasn’t going to bash myself. And calling myself lazy, even if it’s a joke is total bashing and I’m stopping right now.
-Third of all, I rock.

Here’s why.
I finished a novel. This is the one that’s been kicking my ass for about four years. I started it right before ANGEL’S GRACE was published. On the back flap of the novel it says, “Tracey is working on a new novel.” Well, this is the novel I was working on then. And I abandoned it. And picked it up again. And abandoned it a few more times, before I finally gave it this last shot. And yesterday at 2:49pm, I finally got it.

It’s kind of interesting that it would take me until I actually finished the book to realize what it was that I was writing all along. But as soon as I changed the ending, I knew exactly what this book was meant to be.

And. It’s a RUSH!
The good kind.
Not the Limbaugh kind.
And oh my, isn’t that man the worst excuse for a human being on God’s (slightly) green (but kind of browning) earth?
Holy crap, I feel good.
Now I remember why I keep writing. There are days when it feels just this exquisite to actually get to the thing you’ve been trying to say for such a long time, you can’t even remember when it was just a kernel of a thought in your head, and you know that you’ve accomplished something. And before you start sending it out and asking people’s opinions, it’s this shiny perfect accomplishment that is everything you need for it to be. Like a newborn baby. And who can resist one of those? (Unless you’re that other Rush.)


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