If anyone has any doubt that China is going to take over the world very soon, even after witnessing the 2008 Summer Olympics, you only have to watch these wonderful ballerinas doing Swan Lake to see that their domination is a certainty. There seems to be complete dedication and insistence on perfection there, that while possibly detrimental in some ways, leaves room for what seem like impossible feats. You can always push a little bit further. You can always get a little bit more. No door is closed.

In the vast arena of possiblities for anything; art, science, mathematics, I wonder how much we hold ourselves back, thinking about impossibilities. Or because we are so hemmed in by assumed limitations, our minds fail to wander far enough off the beaten path. Let’s not be fenced in. Let’s break out of the proverbial box. Let’s break down these walls and see what happens.

Everything is possible. Go there. Be bold. Impossibilities are fantastic ground-breakers.