Vampire + Zombie + Cat = awesome

So my online writing class ended this weekend and during the chat session, someone mentioned that at a recent conference, editors were saying that they didn’t want to see any more zombie or cat stories. Of course immediately, I thought about a zombie cat. Poor thing! And I know that the whole vampire thing should be dead, but remains, characteristically, un-dead. Even Nathan Bransford is polling people about the demise of the vampire. Which led me to think of a vampire zombie cat. I know. My brain is… well… it’s interesting in here.

And since I’ve already (pretty much) finished my Meyer outline and sample chapter and tomorrow is April Fool’s, I’ve decided to treat you all to a story that I know will never be published.

Tomorrow, look for Chapter 1 of: The Vampire’s Zombie Cat.

Mwah ha ha ha ha!

(Oh and if you want a fast and dirty and HYSTERICAL summary of the Twilight series, you can get it here.)


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