The Vampire’s Zombie Cat: Chapter 1

The town siren wailed.

“Damn grad students!” Vernon cried. He sat up in his coffin. “What are they up to now?”



Outside, everyone was panicked. Vernon held down a squirming D.U. student. “We put electrodes on cadaver brains and raised the dead. Now there are zombies on the loose! And I’ll never get my research grant!”



Vernon watched the zombies chase anything with a pulse and devour brains. Then the victims turned into zombies and joined the attack. Vernon sighed. “This is never going to end, is it?”

One cat-turned-zombie eyed him. It sprang for Vernon’s head. …



(to be continued)

Text and images © 2009, Tracey Baptiste.


6 thoughts on “The Vampire’s Zombie Cat: Chapter 1

  1. Tracey says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed.
    It’s super easy to get a “Dumb U.” shirt.
    step 1: buy generic white tee
    step 2: write “Dumb U.” with a sharpie
    step 3: wear with pride (don’t forget to tell everyone about your stellar GPA and multiple Ph.D’s.)
    Chapter 2 will be up soon.

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