Prior proper planning

My buddy Heather, Texan extraordinaire, and one of my son’s godmothers, has a saying: prior proper planning prevents piss-poor performance. Today I’m taking that mantra to task.

leaf-cami-knitI decided on knitting the “leaf cami” in Knit.1’s summer 2007 issue. It’s their most difficult level of knitting project, and I am no fabulous knitter, so I need to be as cautious as possible. The only reason I’m taking it on, is because it’s a very small project. So here’s the plan:

I’m going to type out the instructions line by line.

That means, if it says “continue with lines 1-14 of the lace pattern,” I’m going to actually type out those lines where I need them so there’s no looking around.

I know. That’s a project in itself. But when I’m done, I will have a very clear pattern to follow.

And since I’m also modifying it a bit by elongating the torso, it will help me to figure out exactly where that happens for both back and front, thus preventing any dodgy not-matching-up problems when I do the final sew.

Wish me luck.