Easy does it

I started knitting the cami last week, and put it away over the weekend. It’s coming along nicely. Although I’ve unplugged from reading publishing stuff for a while, I am a bit panicked about the work I have ahead of me:

The Meyer bio is due in under 5 weeks

Novel #2 needs a complete overhaul before I send it back to my agent

Novel #3 is still unfinished

In other things that are fitting unsettlingly in my head are: the author visit company that wants me to pay them over $3,000 to be included in their catalog; the invitation I received last night to attend the NJASL conference again (something I said I wouldn’t do until I had more books published, but now that I do, I still balk a little at going); and the fact that I haven’t uploaded my website even though I modified all the┬ápages.

I realize it’s nothing I can’t handle so I’m trying to relax. But I might need a raisin.