It’s a rainy day in Englewood and I am stressed. So I wore the pink Mac because it makes me feel better, and looks particularly lovely on grey days.


Plus I’m still boggled by this Meyer bio. The problem is that there is so much information about her and the books out there, that it is nearly impossible to distill. During this process, I’ve felt on occasion that I’ve gotten a bead on the task, but the truth is, I still haven’t. Obviously. Who says writing non-fiction is somehow “lesser” than writing fiction? It isn’t. It’s equally as hard. Maybe harder in the case of a biography because this is someone’s life I’m trying to put on paper. That is no small task. It’s also extremely frustrating when the person you’re writing about is unavailable for direct interview. Not even people peripherally associated with her and her universe would make themselves available to me.

I printed out all of my articles and tagged them to attempt at organization. Quotes by Meyer in pink, quotes by others in purple, and all with the chapter number indicating where I hope they’ll fit.

Jeez. I hope this works, because I am seriously stressed out.