This biography is good, except…

I’m actually making progress, which is good.

Chapters 1-3 are written and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. I’ve even done the endnotes for chapter 1.

Chapter 4 was my sample, so it just needs to be edited.

I’m now working on the chronology, which is going to be short, because this woman has only been in the spotlight for the last 5 years. There is little information on her life prior to that other than the dates of her birth, graduation, marriage and birth of her kids.


It’s really difficult to write a biography of someone at the beginning of their career. There’s no arc to the story. Nothing has really happened yet. It’s basically just one event and the after-shock following it. Besides which, I’m pretty sure that any fan of hers already knows more than I can possibly put into this book. My limit is 20,000 words and I could very easily go over the limit adding every piece of information that’s out there, but some of it just isn’t relevant, or appropriate to the story I’m telling. I don’t think I was hired to re-hash the minutiae of her life, but to tell who she is. And that’s still a difficult prospect because I had no opportunity to  interview her myself, so it’s hard to get a feel for someone second-hand and still do an accurate job.

Anyway, it’s coming along. I’m happy with the way it’s going, and I can’t wait to finish. It’s been a long process. Just under four weeks to the deadline.