My agent is funny

I sent her an email yesterday, worried about the word count on my latest novel. It’s low. 27,000 words. But she said, “Don’t worry about the length.  Just write what you need to.  And send it along to me.  Great, Tracey!” She’s so enthusiastic. It makes me chuckle. Such a nice lady.

It may be a middle-grade book anyway, so that might be right on target.

Anyway, last night I spent about 2 hours at my local Barnes & Noble looking through some writing books. After Zinsser’s On Writing Well, I started James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure which is also really informative (she says after only 3 chapters). So last night I picked up the Donald Maass book, Writing the Breakout Novel, and interestingly, he talks about established novelists, not newbies. I’m waiting for it to come in from the library so I didn’t buy it, but I did get a copy of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Book in a Month.

And here’s why.

I know that I have structural problems with novel #2 (the reason it’s not selling) so I need to do a complete overhaul. This book is supposed to help you manage your time, all the subplots, characters, etc. and get the work done in a month. I know it’s possible because I wrote the whole of Angel’s Grace in a month, and while this is a structural overhaul, the entire story is already there. I just need to manage my time to git ‘er done as they say.

I’m also curious about whether I will be able to start my new book (novel #4) and write a complete draft in a month using this book. If it works for novel #2, I have no problem picking up another copy. In the meantime, #3 is heading out to my agent soon, who seems quite eager to see it. She’s so encouraging! I am a lucky writer.