Spring dress

I knit this dress about two years ago. It took me nearly a year to work up. Considering I didn’t have a pattern and had no idea what I wanted to end up with, it came out well.


I used Classic Elite Yarns “Premiere” in a dark pink. It was on sale at my LYS, and I bought everything they had in that color. About 15 hanks. I didn’t keep track of exactly how many I bought, or how many I used, but I still haveĀ 7 left, plus some left over of one that I didn’t finish. I also got a few hanks in a light pink, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with those ever since. I started knitting a top last year (again with no pattern and no real direction) and it’s been sitting in a drawer for about 13 months, waiting for me to decide how to finish it up. I think it’s a frogger.

The bottom skirt edging was a pattern I found in vogue knitting, and I just kept reducing every 6 rows or so for the skirt. The top half is a simple 1×1 rib. The straps continue from the front and are sewn at the back. I kept the waist high because I have that “mommy pooch” that requires clever hiding. Starting just beneath the ribcage, this waistline does exactly that.


If I had it to do over again I’d make it in the round. I intended to make something very different when I cast on, that would require a different front and back, but as it is, I could turn the dress around and there’d be no difference, other than the straps joining at the back. I would also have grafted the straps instead of sewing them to avoid thatĀ line where they join.

The only issue is that the skirt hangs lower in the back than in the front. No idea why, but it annoys me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t worn it that much.

Many thanks to my 6 yr. old for taking pictures.


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