Efficient me

I seem unusually efficient lately.

I finished the leaf cami last Sunday, and today’s the first day I’ve been able to wear it. I thought I made it long enough, but it turns out that the poufy part hits right at my mommy pooch, so that’s not very flattering, but I still like it a lot.

leaf cami2leaf cami3







I got started on the Meyer bibliography this morning, and I just need to fix the formatting. I can probably get that done over the weekend. The only thing that’s left is cutting chapter 8 for fit and then doing the endnotes for that, which won’t be much because there are hardly any quotes. Maybe three. A cinch.

I started making notes from James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure which I’ll be using to overhaul my last ms. I also need to transfer some minor edits from my hardcopy for the current ms, but I’m not rushing. I’m still waiting for Eileen’s notes anyway. I’ve already lined up a proofreader, so that’ll get done next week.

My son fell on his face last night (the only place my children EVER get injured) so he’s swollen and scratched-up all along his left side. If you’re my friend on Facebook, the pictures will be up shortly. You can send your sympathies. He totally loves to be coddled.

That’s it! I hope everyone has a terrific Memorial weekend. Are you ready for the summer?


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