GLBT teens and Overcoming Prejudice

Overcoming Prejudice hat1

My Knitters for Obama group is doing a service project for a homeless teen shelter in NYC. Sylvia’s Place takes in teens, particularly those who are gay/lestian/bisexual/transgender. So I cast on a hat this morning in bright pink. I was saving that yarn for a project for my daughter and when she saw it, she asked who I was knitting for. I explained, and she said she didn’t mind that I was using her yarn. What a good kid. Wait until she sees that I’m also putting a pink ribbon as the trim. She might not feel so generous then.

I’ve also been thinking about my Overcoming Prejudice book which is now on the shelves. When I handed in the manuscript, I included a long piece on a gay homeless teen who had been attacked by a neo-nazi teen and how that attack affected both their lives. Unfortunately, that story was nixed from the book. So I am going to include it, free of charge on my website as an addendum. I’m also considering making the hat pattern available for free as well. I haven’t figured it all out yet (what I’m going to do, or the hat pattern), but I will soon, and I’ll let you know.