Pride, prejudice & percocet

Today my Being a Leader galleys are due. I only got started on them a few days ago, but had the bulk of it to do yesterday. And I have to tell you guys, even reading it backwards (my strategy when I read galleys) it’s really good. I’m very proud of this book. I think it’s informative and entertaining and really diverse and interesting.

Of course you may think I’m prejudiced because it’s my own work, but I’m very critcal of myself and tend to discredit my accomplishments, so it can’t be that. It could, however, be the percocet I took yesterday after oral surgery. I was loopy and dizzy and a little nauseated, but because I needed to meet my deadline (and I don’t miss deadlines) I needed to work through all of that. And it was while I was on the percocet that I noticed how good the writing was.

So it may have been the drugs, or I may have actually done a great job, but I’ll know which it is for sure when the book comes out and readers get to tell me their opinion. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the rare feeling of accomplishment. Writing is such a lengthy process that those joyful moments of having completed a work are few and far between.