Freelancing = uncertainty

One of the most frustrating things about writing freelance is not knowing what’s around the bend. I’m fairly new at this, so I haven’t established a tremendous number of contacts, and since the economy is in a downward spiral, the few contacts I do have aren’t hiring right now.

So I was really excited about a month ago when I was contacted by a new company (new to me, anyway) about a project. After some writing samples and a fair amount of inquiry on my part, I was told that I would be working for them until the end of the year, and then over the weekend, got the disappointing news that while it’s steady work, it’s light work, and the pay is even lighter.

Of course, I’m still going to do it, but I now have to start looking for other things as well. This job alone is not going to sustain me the way I had hoped. And that’s life in freelancing. You never know what you’re going to get.

UPDATE! Of course, just when I got ready to cast the nets once again, someone else contatcted me this afternoon out of the blue for another project. Yep. Freelancing is unpredictable. You get to work from home, though. And on days like today when my son is feeling ill, it’s completely worth it.