Cyber menopause. Period.

A couple of years ago, my husband wrote an article about working remotely. In it, he advised anyone who was using a laptop at home to take out the battery, and save it from overheating. Well, it turns out that’s exactly what happened to Lola. Since I took out her battery, she’s been working just fine. Even the wireless link is fine. It just means I have to plug in wherever I go. So (1) why has my husband never told me about this trick? And (2) since when is he writing articles?
Well, it turns out that he forgot about the article himself, and only remembered when a co-worker, who works from home, pulled out said article to explain why she didn’t have the battery for her laptop. As for #2, I still have no idea.

After he told me the whole story, our exchange was brief:
Me: So it’s like computer menopause.
Him: That’s going to be on your blog tomorrow, isn’t it?
Me: *snort!*

I mean, come on. An overheating computer is miraculously cured by removing the battery? The comparison may be disturbing, but it sounds an awful lot like a hysterectomy. If only all women’s problems were solved as easily as Lola’s.


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  1. haynay says:

    So should I take out MaceyGray’s battery when she’s plugged in? Only put it in when I’m using her other places? Let me know!

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