1/2 way there

I’ve reached the half-way mark in the BIAM process and this is where I’m beginning to do the majority of changes. Things are getting difficult, but I’m determined to get done in the next 2 weeks. I’ll still need to do some polishing before I return it to my agent, but at least the main writing will be done.

Also, my proofreader is returning my other novel this week, and I’m really excited to see her notes. I’m also hoping to finish that one up in the next couple of weeks and send it on its merry way.

I like being busy.

Of course I do. I like everything that’s involved with writing. I’m particularly fascinated by other writers, their process, and the whole history of children’s book writing. So I’ve been reading Minders of Make Believe by Leonard Marcus. It’s a long and somewhat arduous read, but very interesting if this is your chosen profession. Afterwards, I’m going to read his other books about Nordstrom and McElderry, but not anytime soon. I need a break in-between. A friend has challenged me to read Lolita, so that’s probably next up.

Anyway, to add to your knowledge about what writers do, here are some pix of writers where they work.