Supernatural creatures need not apply

People, I am in trouble.

A couple of years ago, I started writing a novel about a deeply personal family experience. I added a ghost to the novel although there was none in my personal life, unelss you’re talking about the kind  of ghost that lives in your memory. The novel has made the rounds of three publishers in the last 18 months, and I have steadily revised it based on their feedback (and the rejections that followed). I’m now nearing the end of the umpteenth revision, and Nathan Bransford posts this.

I know that there are exceptions to every rule. Just because my story has a ghost in it does not necessarily mean that it’s a dud, but after rejections from three major houses, including the woman who published my first novel, I am seriously quaking in my boots. And here’s the next thing. The other novel I’ve been writing? It has a full cast of supernatural creatures.

I’m doomed. At the moment, I actually want to cry. It may be the added fact that someone rear-ended me today in stopped traffic, or that my mother is having neck surgery next week to stave off a stroke. But even without those things, a feeling of dread has been creeping over me for the last few weeks, rendering me completely incapable of feeling enthusiastic for my own work. And now Bransford’s doom-riddled, though entertaining, post casts the final pall.

Could it be as bad as I think? Will I have to return to the dreaded day job? Sweet Jeevis. I’m going to drop dead and haunt myself.


3 thoughts on “Supernatural creatures need not apply

  1. Beth says:

    I’m not in the publishing field (yet), but I’ve noticed that trends have a way of repeating themselves. Supernatural stuff has been big for years; the genre’s a wee bit worn out, but give it time and people will be itching for the paranormal.

  2. Karen says:

    A good book is a good book. I actually think you’re in a good spot with a ghost, as opposed to a zombie or vampire. Like he said, it doesn’t mean you can’t submit the proposal, just make sure to tell why your book is different.

  3. Tracey says:

    Thanks Beth. You’re right. What goes around comes around. My ghost story might still rise from the dead.

    And speaking of zombies and vampires…another chapter of Zombie Cat is coming soon. With everything else going on, I haven’t had time to devote to my stellar drawings! 😉

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