Requiem for Lola

Yesterday as I was posting Chapter 4 of Zombie Cat, Lola turned off. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong. I checked to see if the power was still on and it was, but after a couple of tries, she turned back on again. I’m sorry to say it’s the end for the old girl. She has been having a lot of problems, right from the beginning in fact. I think Lola was just not meant to be long for this world.

You were a good computer, Lola! You will be missed.

Meet Minnie!

Last night my husband returned from Chicago with a shiny new, tiny laptop for me. He knew that Lola was on her way out, so he decided to pick up one of the HP Minis. It’s super cute, super small, and super cheap. The drawbacks: it’s not a tablet and I’ve gotten used to those; It doesn’t have nearly the memory that Lola did; the keyboard will take some getting used to.

I took a picture of Minnie sitting on top of Lola to illustrate the difference, but I haven’t found my way around Minnie’s programs yet, so I’ll have that up soon.

*Sigh* I do miss Lola… but Minnie fits in my purse… change is hard.