A personal note

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me. Re-working my latest manuscript has been stressful and emotionally taxing and has left me feeling fragile. Add to that a couple of personal setbacks, and I was at a pretty heightened emotional state about three weeks ago. Then my mother called to say that she needed to have surgery to replace two vertebrae in her neck, and that she needed to have it soon because her doctors believed that her nerve was suffering serious damage and could cause a stroke. Then I was rear-ended while on my way to pick up the kids from camp. And that same afternoon, Michael Jackson died.

Michael Jackson’s death might not mean much to many, but for me it was awful. And as much as I’ve tried to deny how that has affected me since the moment I heard about it, it was hard to ignore today. My mother is recuperating from her surgery at my home and she watched the memorial and I caught some of it while unsuccessfully trying to work and it was heartbreaking.

My mother’s surgery went well, my car is fixed, I finished this round of edits on my novel and I’m printing out the ms as we speak for another read-through, my personal issues still remain unresolved but I have a better handle on them, and all that remains for closure is this death of someone I never knew, but who I grew up with.

My condolences to any who are mourning.