New hotness and old faithfuls

Yesterda Lola just about had it. It was sad watching her demise but I had a lot of work to do so  I made short work of finding her replacement. So today, I inroduce Lola Too. She’s basically the same as original Lola, but with a fun pattern all over her shell. She’s faaaaancy. I love her already. And the keyboard has that only-on-a-new-computer tight pushback when I strike the keys. Love.

I feel bad for Minnie but she just didn’t work out. Sorry girl, it wasn’t personal. Just business.

I wonder if other writers become as attached to their tools as I do.

Besides Lola Too, I have a burgundy Parker fountain pen that I love. I’ve had it since college. Its medium nib and dark blue ink cartridges got me through many a journal entry. It’s making me nuts that I haven’t been able to find it for a while. In its place I’ve been using the fancier black Cross fountain pen that Darryl bought as a present when my first book was published. It was for doing signings, but it turned out that the ink spread on the page and the nib caught on the fibers of the page so I had to switch to ballpoint. My fountain pens are now exclusively for thank you notes and writing letters to friends, NOT for writing up my drafts or notes or grocery lists. They make my writing too thick and slow my pace too much to be useful for such mundane, hurried, and scrunching-words-between-the-margins tasks. They are for being leisurely. If I still kept a journal I’d use them for that.

The flip side is that my leisurely writing is so infrequent, I often forget to whip out my fancy pens! And even worse, because Lola and Lola Too are tablets, if I have documents to sign or forms to fill out that come via email or over the Internet, I do it right on the computer with the stylus. No pen involved!

Still, fountain pens are faithful tools. They taught me to write script as a student at St. Gabriel’s Girl’s R.C. School in San Fernando, Trinidad. And Lola Too will be just as faithful… I hope.

2 thoughts on “New hotness and old faithfuls

  1. Kathy says:

    Pens are good. Not too long ago I read a way to get a $300 dollar pen for about $10. I tied it and it worked just fine. I don’t remember the link now, but it’s in my blog post called “Do you like pens?”
    I write mostly on the computer, though I sometimes do brainstorming with a pad of paper and mind-mapping type scribbles. Of course, there’s free writing, too, that’s best done with a pen. And grocery lists on the backs of envelopes or folded up paper that a printer went ape on. Printers. Now there’s another subject. :p

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