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In Angel’s Grace I used the names of friends and family for the characters in the book. Little did I know I could auction off the honor of having me use a person’s name in the pages of my book! Too late for that now! If you’ve read Angel’s Grace, here’s a rundown of who is named after whom.

Grace Brewster = My grand-aunt by marriage is named Grace; Brewster is the surname of one of my brother’s best friends

Sally = My husband’s step-sister.

Ma = What my mother called her grandmother

Aunty Jackie = My husband’s best friend’s girlfriend (at the time).

Raj = I think it was my best friend from T’dad’s brother, but I’ll have to call her and ask. (UPDATE! Rabindra was her dad, not her brother, so that would have made my character RAB not RAJ. So where did Raj come from? Your guess is as good as mine.)

Karven Mitchell/Brother John = Karven is my cousin; Mitchell is a friend of my mother (or is it my father?); John was a friend of mine in college, who was also once my substitute teacher in High School.

Bruce Simeon = My husband and I went to high-school with a guy we called Bruce though that wasn’t actually his name; Simeon was my Uncle Gregory’s last name (he wasn’t really my uncle, he was a family friend).

Christine = my aunt

Macire = My best friend from high-school’s first child.

Richard = One of my best friends when I was a teen (also now dancing in the Lion King in Germany! Or is it Cirque de Soleil in Iceland?).

Shankar = A family on my street in San Fernando.

Harry = The guy who drove taxi in my dad’s car (if you’re Trini you know what I mean, if you’re not, don’t ask) and who chauffered my brother and I to and from school. (Actually his name was Harrylal.)

I think that’s everyone.