Blankets, bobs and bathing beauties

I started working on a baby blanket for my big brother’s first kiddo, arriving in a couple of months, and I decided to modify a Lion Brand pattern because I didn’t want to do garter stitch, and I wanted to have a border. Meanwhile, I have no clue what to do with a border, having never made one, so I’m totally faking it. This kid better be worth it. I’ve had to rip out a few times due to not enough yarn in the same dyelot issues, forgetting  to YO, dropping a stitch, etc. Yarnies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

The kids and I went to the town pool today and hung out for just about an hour. Next time we’ll go for longer. It took my son a while to get warmed up to getting in and then once he did, he got creamed by a bigger kid and went under for a couple of seconds. After that, I was ready to leave. We got home, I made dinner and we ate in the backyard then played for a while. Now we’re winding down before bedtime.  If every day for the rest of the summer is like this, I will be perfectly satisfied.

Then I come on the wordpress blog to find BIG NEWS regarding Michelle Obama’s hair! It’s a bob! No, it’s just a tucked-under ‘do. Um, relax people. I love the FLOTUS, true. But all this excitement over hair? Take it down a notch huh?