Alisha’s Blanket

Alisha Blanket 3

In a few weeks, my big brother will have his first child, a baby girl. I noticed that the registry he and his wife made didn’t have any cushy blankets so I decided to knit one. I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton in strawberry and walnut and knit it diagonally. Then I picked up stitches around the sides to make the ruffle border. I am still considering adding an extra row or two of pink to the edge of the border with single or double crochet, and I’m yet to weave in the ends, but already it looks great and it’s super squishy. My own children are already  eyeballing it.

I’ll write up a pattern  as soon as I’m sure I’m done fiddling with it. It took me three tries to get the border with just the right amount of undulation on the ruffle. I would have liked a bigger ruffle but that would have required getting longer circular needles and I haven’t had the time.