Alyssa, Alisha, Alicia and Alisa

This morning, my brother added yet another tongue-tangler to the list of women in my life whose names I regularly mix up. My first niece, Alisha was born this morning, one day ahead of my daughter Alyssa’s 7th birthday. But wouldn’t it have been cool if she was born yesterday on 9.9.09?

My best friend from Trinidad, Alicia’s daughter was born on 4.5.06, which I thought was pretty cool as well. A few weeks ago when she and her daughter were visiting, I spent the better part of two days mixing up hers and my own daughter’s names. You try saying Alyssa and Alicia in close succession and don’t tell me you get it right!

Finally, a friend of my husband’s, Alisa rounds out the four.

To clarify:

Alyssa = Ah-lyss-ah

Alisha = Ah-lee-sha

Alicia = Ah-lyss-ee-ah

Alisa = Ah-lee-sa

Though as woes go, I’ll take a bunch of Alyss-girls.