I love BCCLS

I’m a proud member of the Englewood Public Library. Duh. I live in the town. But, I use the library extensively for research and for my kids’ entertainment. We started going there when my daughter was an infant. The library has a play room and activities for little ones weekly. Since both my guys have been going there since they were itsy bitsies, the library is a place that they like going to, and they are comfortable in. I consider the librarians friends, and we spend a good chunk of time chatting (not quietly) while the kids are running around the stacks… I mean choosing books.

It’s crucial for my research, because within the Bergen County Library System (BCCLS) I can find pretty much anything I want. So far, I haven’t had to go into the city to use the NYPL in my nearly  four years of researching non-fiction books.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love my library more, they go and start sending me email updates to let me know which books are due two days before the due date so I don’t have to deal with: a) the panic of realizing I’ve forgotten to return a book; and b) wondering which ones are actually due. This is handy because the kids and I usually have 5-10 books out at a time and I renew them online, so the dates stamped on the books aren’t necessarily correct.

Good looking out, library. Good looking out.


2 thoughts on “I love BCCLS

  1. Arlene Sahraie says:

    Warm greetings, Tracey:

    As Library Services Director of BCCLS, imagine my surprise when I received a Google Alert for the word ‘bccls’ – an email with a link to your blog and your very nice piece on BCCLS and your hometown library.

    BCCLS is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary this year – 30 years of resource sharing among 75 public libraries – all of which offer stellar service to their communities and tremendous bang for the (taxpayer’s) buck. It’s so kind of you to publicly recognize the Englewood Library and BCCLS and talk about how you value the service. Thanks so much!

    If you haven’t already, I hope you will consider signing up to “Become a Library Champion’. You can sign up right on the BCCLS homepage at http://www.bccls.org. You are exactly the kind of spokesperson libraries need. You get it.

    Thanks again and congrats to the staff of the Emglewood Public Library for this lovely recognition.

    Arlene Sahraie
    Library Services Director

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