Karma and the community

Yesterday morning I was feeling down, posted a self-loathing blog and got my ass handed to me by Uninvoked. It was well-deserved and pretty damn funny.

Yesterday afternoon, just as I was getting over myself, I got an email from my agent telling me that she is passing on my newest version of a novel that she and I have been trying to sell for a couple of years. She liked all the previous versions so I was not expecting the rejection. I was/am devastated. I’m dealing with it.


I felt obliged to Uninvoked for giving me a dose of reality yesterday. On her noveling blog of the same name (it’s the title of the book) she posts chapters periodically. This is a brave thing. I don’t have the guts for it so kudos to her for doing it. One of the links there led me to Web Fiction Guide, which lists a whole community of bloggers who publish their books online, some as complete novels and others as serials, like Uninvoked. This is an aspect of the publishing industry that I was barely aware of until now. Check it out for yourselves. Both Uninvoked’s fantasy novel with the crafty non-magic heroine and the many talents on Web Fiction Guide are worth the read.


One thought on “Karma and the community

  1. Uninvoked says:

    There you have my sympathy. It hurts when you get a rejection that you particularly want or were expecting acceptance on. Don’t worry too much about it. Put the book away, and wait a while. Eventually you’ll get a spark of an idea on it, go back, and rewrite the most brilliant book the earth has ever seen. ^^

    Tell us about your other WIPs. What’s new in your writing life?

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