Domo arigato

My whole life people have told me that I am extremely hard on myself. In the last few months, I’m finally beginning to recognize that. Maybe it’s the fact that perfect strangers are taking me to task. I’m working on it though I’m finding it difficult to be kind and gentle to myself when I’m used to giving myself the hairy eyeball and a barage of negative thoughts. I’m a work in progress, but I’m progressing nicely.

To further be kind to myself, I’ve been repeating the mantra: I am not a robot. And to make myself feel even more warm and fuzzy about my non-robotness, I decided maybe I’d knit myself a toy robot. Not one for either of my children. For me. My very own lovey. So I found this pattern this morning. Cute huh?

Since I’m not knitting anything this Christmas (a huge load off my mind and fingers after last year’s Santa’s workshop knit-fest) I figure this can be my present to me. I didn’t actually knit anything for myself last year and you know what? I deserve it.

I totally do.


2 thoughts on “Domo arigato

  1. Karen says:

    Holy crap those are adorable! They look pretty complicated, do they require stuffing?

    I think making yourself a lovey is a great idea. Perhaps an inspiration for book ideas?

  2. Tracey says:

    Well I’m going to make it even more complicated by trying to do it without a pattern. Patterns make me itchy. Plus I like figuring things out as I go.

    They will need to be stuffed so I will have to resist raiding the innards of my children’s toys.

    I still have the green and purple from the monster I made for Adam last year. Might try that.

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