Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

After much procrastination yesterday, I woke up this morning determined to get things done. I got my daughter to school, took my son with me to the grocery, dropped him off, came home, forgot the groceries in the trunk, wrote about half of the Introduction for the Sharon Creech biography, picked up my son for his flu mist appointment, returned my reluctant preschooler to his class, came home, forgot the groceries in the trunk again and got a little more done on the intro.

Pretty good for about 2.5 hours.

Of course now I have a headache, but that’s mainly from the cold my husband passed off on me before he left for Boston yesterday.

I say it’s time for a yarn break. Last week when I found the robot pattern, I immediately started to cook up my own. (You know I can’t follow a pattern, right? That would be logical and easy!) I made a little red robot foot the same day, thought it was too big, but never got around to ripping it out, or starting on a new one. It looks like this:


I also have just a couple of days to read Ellison’s Invisible Man before casting my vote for the National Book Awards. Know what else is up for a National Book Award? Laini Taylor’s Lips Touch. I had the pleasure of meeting Laini a few years ago at an SCBWI conference, and we’ve kept in touch. A little. Kind of.

I also have passages to write, laundry to finish, the beds to make, and later, dinner.

Guess that robot will have to wait a little longer.